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New for Developers - The OSButton from Variad.

The OSButton allows you to set the look and feel of your buttons to any operating system, including Windows XP, Windows 9x, Windows 3.x, and even Mac 8.x. Built on the same code base as the BetterButton, your buttons are bound to shine in your user interfaces.

All OSButton Styles Shown Here
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Add Gradient Backgrounds to your Interface! Introduce the look of Windows XP to your applicatoins by adding gradient backgrounds. This container control will keep you on the leading edge.

Improve your GUI! Add different styles to your Windows buttons, including Active, Standard, Flat, and Windows 3.x buttons. These are just a few of the things you can do.

Place your application in the system tray. It's easy to do and requires no code!

What customers are saying: "These guys did this right. It is obvious that they carefully tracked all of the standard VB Command Button shortcomings and set out to fill the void... and then some." - customer from ComponentSource's feedback page

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