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INFO: Summary of New Features in the BetterButton 1.1 ActiveX Control (R11140)


This article describes some of the newest features in the BetterButton 1.1 ActiveX control. This information applies to:

  • BetterButton 1.1


  • Text Wrapping
  • Text will automatically wrap if the text cannot fit within the given width of the button.

  • Visual Enhancements
  • Pressing ENTER when the button is set to Default (Default=True) or if the button has focus, the button will now animate to let the user know it was pressed.

    A dashed border will be painted around buttons without borders at design-time to help identify what the BorderStyle property is set to.

  • Alignment Property
  • Horizontally align the picture and text

    Set the Alignment of the picture and text
    NOTE: Animated graphic shown here

  • hWnd
  • Use this property for API calls

  • DropShadow Property
  • Places a drop shadow under a picture

    DropShadow with static picture
    NOTE: Animated graphic shown here

  • PictureStyle Property
  • Make monochrome, pop-up or static pictures

    Make monochrome, pop-up, or static pictures!
    NOTE: Animated graphic shown here

  • MouseOver, MouseOut Events
  • Get notified when the mouse pointer is over the button

Download the Release Notes for a complete description of what has been changed.

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