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Version 1.1
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Finally, a better alternative to the standard button control that gives you more control than ever.


The BetterButton control is designed for developers who want an alternative to the standard command button that ships with Visual Basic®.  It offers everything that the standard button offers plus a whole lot more.  Its simple design offers flexibility without overwhelming you with countless properties.

Easily Replace the Windows® Standard Button

The BetterButton control supports all properties, methods and events that the standard button offers and more.  That means you can delete the old buttons on your forms, place the new ones on and presto - everything still works.  The buttons default to look and feel like the standard button, but may be changed easily to update the look.

NOTE: Animated graphic shown here

Fast and Lightweight

It seems like most buttons designed today are not quite as fast as they should be. But the BetterButton won't keep your users waiting for the control to paint itself.  It's also easy on system resources, so there won't be problems with your form having a lot of buttons on it.

Sample Screen Shots

See some examples and screen shots by clicking on the links below.

Visual Studio.NET style buttons
Active Style
Flat Buttons
Set Border and Focus
Windows 3.x-style Buttons
Color Control
Better Picture Support
Dynamic Properties
Summary of what's new in Version 1.1



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