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Put your application in the system tray!

Put your application in the system tray!
Note:The icon shown here was added in just seconds without any code.


The BetterSysTray control is designed for developers who want to be able to place their application in the system tray (next to the system clock on the taskbar).

Quickly Add An Icon

The BetterSysTray control was designed to be light and easy to use. You can quickly add an icon to the system tray with very little programming. Simply follow these quick steps:

  • Add the control to your project
  • Set the Picture Property
  • Set the Visible Property to show or hide the icon

Supports Multiple Icons

You can add multiple icons to the system tray, simply by adding multiple BetterSysTray controls to your form. Each control independently controls the icon shown.

Animated Icons

You can animate the icons that are shown using a timer and multiple pictures.

Intercept Mouse Actions

The icon in the system tray will respond to user interactions, with the following events:

  • MouseMove Event - For detecting mouse movements
  • MouseOver Event - For detecting when the mouse first enters the icon space
  • MouseOut Event - For detecting when the mouse leaves the icon space
  • MouseClick, MouseUp, MouseDown Events - For detecting when a user clicks the icon




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